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I would have better communicate with non resilient people.

September 5, 2009

What is resilience?: it is an effective coping mechanism when people are under stress. Resilient people have the power to recover from a prolonged or severe adversity, or from an immediate danger or stress. Just the opposite, non resilient people experience  extreme anxiety, sleep problems, and intrusive thoughts when they face such a stress.

180px-Lange-MigrantMotherWho are the resilient people? These people are expected to adapt successfully when they experience risk factors that are against good development.

What are the risk factors? They are related to poor or negatives outcomes (poverty, low socioeconomic status, etc.). Opposite negative outcomes are positive outcomes: these are attributed to some protective factors, such as good parenting or positive school experiences. Others protective factors are personal attributes (outgoing, brightness, self esteem, …), family (having close bonds with at least one family member or an emotionally stable parent, …); community (receiving support or counsel from peers, …).

Discovering the resilience concept from Cyrulnik’s work, I found out a clear way to interpret everyday life. In my working life, my domestic life, my lovelife, I am coping with light, medium or (rarely fortunately) heavy stress. I see my partners coping with such stressing events. When decoding my partners behaviours in such events, I detect those who are “resilient”. It seems to me that communicating with these resilient partners was rather easy, even in the case of stress. However, as an humanist, I must admit that I would have better communicate with non resilient people, in order to provide some protective factors for them.  

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