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An analyst really bored by his male patient’s …

October 30, 2009

… endless apathetic gossip.  Suddendly, the analyst let out a sigh. ‘You just acted as my mother did”. And the patient to go on talking with a well-modulated voice. (credits  Leslie Kaplan)


Today Mr Lavoie decides to order a mexican pizza.

October 25, 2009

Today Mr Lavoie decides to order a mexican pizza.

The call center operator advises him against choosing it, because his health insurance forbids it. The call center wonders how Mr Lavoie will pay the desired pizza because his bank account seems very low. The pitying opérator concludes by trying to sell a legal aid insurance to the poor Lavoie. Indeed, the call center notices, firstly, that he currently lives at his girlfriend’s flat, although he is married and, secondly, that he just bought a set of condoms. Opportunely, Lavoie is told by the operator that a lawer (whose phone number is immediately available) could be useful in case of divorce.

That scene is about to happen, within 6 years, when private data will have spread all over Mr Lavoie little life. Mr Lavoie’s today practice of social networking is fostering that sad destiny.