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French Facebook ap(ero) Y gen victims

May 13, 2010

Through these special moments that are the festivals (as FB apero?), contemporary youth expresses what is his pleasure, his research, his feelings, but also his confusion.

Desperately looking for myself though my FB’s friends?

Or taking part, (un)voluntarily, to a giant viral marketing campaign?

Or screaming my pride (identity quest) to belong to my village?

Confusion really.

Apero is sometimes Alcohol (binge) drinking. And what about youth amongst addictions? Some tentative explanations are the impact of the French school system, particularly elitist or solicitations of market society. Growing up among addiction also raises the question of escape.

(inspired by Monique DAGNAUD’s « La teuf : ethnographie de soirées débridées »).


a genuine, believable, worthwhile state of living.

May 1, 2010

Although they took their origins in time and alphabet, Abel and Adam stand for pure concepts, translucent figures, wax ghosts, real non-characters. Eve and Caïn are obviously both guilty. They access together a genuine, believable, worthwhile state of living. Therefore we can picture and relate it. (From the Michel Serres’ article, in the catalogue of the “Crime & Châtiments” exhibition, Paris).