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a monster that devours itself

August 13, 2011

Claude Lévi Strauss about the expansion of tourism: ‘It is a monster that devours itself’.

‘The more we are to gain experience of the exotic, the more we destroy it.
It’s inevitable.
We must tell the tourists: take your enjoyment as you like and, at the same time, be aware that, by taking it, you completely destroy the object of your pleasure.

But it is the world’s law.

It is the law of century.

It is the law of the millennium.’

(photo et sons: source INA, France Inter, Radioscopie, 1981/04/13 )

“C’est un monstre qui se dévore lui-même.”

“Plus nous sommes nombreux à acquérir l’expérience de l’exotisme, plus nous le détruisons.”

“C’est inéluctable”

Il faut dire aux touristes: “prenez votre plaisir comme vous l’entendez et soyez en même temps conscients qu’en le prenant vous détruisez totalement l’objet de votre plaisir.”

“Mais c’est la loi du monde, c’est la loi du siècle, c’est la loi du millénaire”


HOWTO alleviate my inbox overload.

August 13, 2011

(taken from Techcrunch’s MG Siegler’s summer ’11 experience).

– setting up an auto-responder along the lines of “No longer responding to email, if you need me, you’ll figure out a way”

– checking my inbox from time to time just to make sure that there isn’t some emergency.

– forwarding things along as need be (without typing anything beyond an email address)

– using my inbox as a sort of passive notification center. The vast majority of messages I won’t respond to, a few I will, and more I’ll respond to via other communication means that I prefer

email’s cons

“The great thing about some of the other messaging platforms (than email services) is that many of them follow the “stream” idea. That is: when you send a message, maybe there will be a response, maybe there won’t. With email, a huge problem is that people expect a response every time. With tweets, people don’t.”

“That’s really my big problem with email. It’s not the medium necessarily, it’s the tools built to harness that medium.”

“For almost all communication, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Quora, text messaging, group messaging apps, a regular old phone call, and the like were a more-than-adequate replacement for email.”

“the vast majority of emails are unnecessary.” “It’s rude not to respond to a letter”

“one of the biggest problems with email is that when you do respond, it often prompts another response in return”

(snail mail Vs email:) “only your close friends and relatives would have your address to be able to send you a letter. And it would take days or even weeks to get there.”

email’s pros

“The fact of the matter is that when you need to send a message to a group of individual coworkers fast, there is still no better method than email. One-to-one messages are easy to do over Facebook or Twitter. But multi-person threads where I needed to know certain people would see my message in a timely manner, required email.”