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The right words to foster women’s freedom

March 18, 2012

Francis Bebey: “la condition masculine”


Beware your insights when probabilizing the result of a choice

March 11, 2012

neuro economy: Blaise Pascal wrote that when an individual makes a choice, he assigns 2 variables to the result of his choice: the probability of this result and its value. Neuroscience has shown recently that individuals overestimate low probabilities (eg winning the lottery) and underestimate high probabilities (eg having lung cancer if they smoke).
Source: M.Castiglione

Don t wanna go to school anymore

March 10, 2012

school phobia exists since school became compulsory. The term dates from 1941. we feel it is affecting more and more young people. the context of violence in some schools certainly fosters phobia. many school phobias are triggered during a physical assault and, increasingly, an electronic harassment via Facebook.
Source: MF Le Heuzey.

Need and abundance

March 7, 2012

one who lives with a measly wage increases his misery when he pays a tax, however small it is. but who can say that the sacrifice of the rich is less when asked to pay a higher tax to the extent of his fortune. psychology of the rich is such that it could be an even greater pull for him to withdraw his abundance than for the poor to reduce its need.
Source: Jean-Philippe del Sol

earthquake in french musical market between 2003 and 2010

March 6, 2012

The evolution of the physical market (audio CD + DVD Audio) since 2003 is -57.4% in volume and -59.4% in value. This loss is like an earthquake for the industry. The growth of the digital market (excluding streaming and ringtones) is not likely to correct the losses, although scores are more significant in 2010 with 45.3 million titles and albums downloaded for 90.2 million euros (49.4% higher in volume Vs 2,007 and 124.3% in value).

source= Cité de la musique, march 2012

Raining story

March 2, 2012

in France, 440 billion cubic meters of rain fall per year. among these, 270 billion cubic meters evaporate. 170 billion cubic meters are left. among these, 70 billion cubic meters run off into rivers, and 100 billion cubic meters of seep in to groundwater.
Source: Que choisir, march 2012