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autistic dinette

April 29, 2012

an autistic child is in school. Other students play cooking with plastic toys. The autistic child does not play. Students tell him he’s stupid. The autistic child go and say to the school master: “these kids are stupid, they can never succeed in cooking with plastic utensils.

source: Josef Schovanec


Modest commuters can’t afford

April 28, 2012

the London Congestion Charge, implemented in 2002, yields nearly 100 million euros a year. this amount is spent on enhancing public transports. car traffic is 20% down. Modest commuters are disadvantaged by the toll. the City’s financial workers benefit from it because they get less modest commuters on their routes. is it possible that a computer fix the congestion charge in proportion to the income tax, so that French cities appropriate urban toll?
Source: Technicités, april 2012

Ginette Neveu 30 years old

April 20, 2012

Ginette Neveu, a well known French violonist, gave her last concert on 20 october 1949. On 28 october 1949, she was on board an Air France flight from Paris en route to another series of concert engagements, when it flew into a mountain of the Azores islands, after two failed attempts to make a landing at the local airport. All 48 people on board the flight died, included Ginette, her brother Jean-Paul, her pianist, and the French boxing champion Marcel Cerdan. It has been said that Ginette’s body was found still clutching her Stradivarius in her arms.
(source Wikipedia)