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Sugary drinking effects

August 27, 2012

Soda drinking is an important factor in obesity and type 2 diabetes. excessive calorific input in solid form is generally offset by the organism at the next meal. but this does not occur during ingestion of sugary drinks. their absorption is not taken into account by the mechanisms regulating food intake.
Source: Que choisir, sept 2012


Howto buy an artwork

August 7, 2012

a work of art does not produce income. The artwork collector must be able to sell one of his works if he needs money. therefore it is essential to invest in a work that can be resold at any time easily on the international market, especially in Paris, London, Geneva or New York. it is important the work to sell matches a worldwide standardized product. therefore it is better to avoid buying too regionalist artists or works that are very marked religiously or philosophically. For example, it is best to have a drawing of Delacroix or Géricault of a horse or a landscape rather than a saint or Christ on the cross, which will not necessarily appeal everyone.
Source: Que choisir july 2012

Dying in Belgium is cheaper

August 5, 2012

Belgium is a refuge for many French. there they pay less tax, there is no admission exam in colleges, the cost of living is lower and there are more places in nursing homes at lower cost. so there are almost 50 percent of French  in belgian nursing homes. A problem appeared however to the Belgian authorities: the extra cost for the management of French elderly dying on their territory, in the absence of a sufficient number of crematories.
Source: Technicites july 2012

Lessening mineral coating in urban spaces is cooler

August 5, 2012

permeable soils (unmortared cobbles, sanded floor, etc..) are subject to evaporation and transpiration. they also generate convection currents. heat accumulated in porous soils is then transferred via air currents much more effectively than by conduction or thermal radiation of a mineral coating or asphalt.
Source: Technicites july 2012

Marriage first

August 5, 2012

These are the four biggest myths about single motherhood: (Slate)

New green is meadow

August 5, 2012

watch our new green: lawns turn into meadows. the frequency of mowing subside. we no longer use pesticides. Catalyzed by economic crisis and sustainable development.

The mysterious halo on the Montmorillon fresco

August 4, 2012

See below the crypt dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria in Montmorillon (France). Wonderful fresco of the 12 th century. mystical union between God and St. Catherine. St. Catherine is holding a halo. Perhaps the wheel on which she suffered martyrdom. Perhaps the covenant of her mystical marriage.