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social housing in Fr: 2 thirds are eligible

November 30, 2012

HLM movement manages 4.5 million social housing and housing and 10 million people, or about 15% of households. But what are the 2/3 of French people who, in theory, could be eligible for social housing. And in fact, 1.2 million are registered on the waiting lists.

Problem: in the name of “social mix” people housed in public housing often belong to the middle class and could afford to stay as friends, on the open market. But in France, acquired rights are forever. Preferential treatment, electoral clientelism, cronyism policy are working at best. And administrative authorities have an interest in maintaining these households, deemed “good payers”, in order to balance their accounts. This illustrates the limits of social policy, apparently the most generous in Europe (as a percentage of GDP), in reality largely diverted to them by the middle classes.

Source France culture, nov 2012



1830 harvest moon in Paris

November 30, 2012

1830 in Paris, the persons in charge of public lighting had the idea to turn off one lamp of two, during the nights of harvest moon to limit the spending. for safety reasons, this idea was abandoned.

Source Technicités nov 2012

Better than stereo: holophony + WFS

November 29, 2012

IRCAM has acquired a distribution system WFS installed in the projection space. The system consists, firstly of an horizontal ring 264 speakers evenly distributed around the scene and the public, used for WFS broadcasting, and secondly of a dome of 75 speakers for dimensional diffusion in Ambisonic mode. This equipment has a dual role: encouraging the exploration of new forms of spatialization for music creation and enabling the implementation of scientific experiments devoted to virtual reality and spatial cognition.

The technique called Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) is a method of holophonic reproduction which, by analogy with visual holograms, capture or synthesize a soundstage preserving spatial information management and remote sources that compose this information.

holophony has the ambition to build a sound field in wyhich listeners can move keeping a coherent perception of the location of sources.

Source IRCAM

a new system of sound spatialization

November 29, 2012

A sound can arise among the spectators before vanishing to reappear there, near or far. Free sound in the entire space of a room. The composer becomes the architect of his music. He joined the sculptor, another master of space.

At the IRCAM (research institute in contemporary music) Paris: inauguration of the new system of spatialization, the culmination of a decade of work. The installation is probably unique in the world because of the association in the same space of two systems: the Wave Field Synthesis and Ambisonics.

A demo video is shown in the link.

Source Slate:

Waste management: 3.000 cubic meters of leachate each year

November 28, 2012

At Montchanin, fr, the Vinci company has installed a polyethylene membrane on an industrial landfill that no longer works for 25 years. the former operator was placed in liquidation. National Agency ADEME took over the operation of the site. It hopes to halve the water infiltration and thus the production of leachate. The average annual volume of leachate reached 3,000 cubic meters. the annual cost for the treatment of the leachate is 500,000 euros. The membrane lifecycle is 5 years.

Source Technicités, nov 2012

Hazards on the city. Lourdes, fr

November 24, 2012

October 20, 2012 the Gave de Pau (the river flowing through the town of Lourdes, southern France) exceeds its critical threshold, once again, dislocating banks and taking away communal gardens.

studies on risk prediction about the river proved accurate: because of the meandering river upstream, the water arrives downtown with too much intensity.

these studies have shown that, because of the adjustements made upstream of Lourdes past 30 years, heavy rains could have serious consequences on the town. the river was channeled. the flood expansion were thwarted, leading the water to take more speed.

Source Technicités nov 2012

IT machines penetrating the educational sphere

November 24, 2012

“three types of cognitive abilities have become indispensable to students.
mental openness based on curiosity and intuition.
mental polarization made of concentration and prioritization.
mental adjustment that can move from one activity or the other or from one rule to the other.”

Source Famille & Education oct 2012