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“the earlier you can embrace new business models and services, the better”

February 27, 2013

“Last year, however, digital sales and other new sources of revenue grew significantly enough to offset the continuing decline in CD sales.”

” digital is saving music”

” Sales of downloaded singles and albums, from services like Apple’s iTunes, continue to grow.”

” the customers of subscription-based offerings, including Spotify, Rhapsody and Muve Music, grew by 44 percent last year, to 20 million”

” Other sources of revenue, including royalties from musical performances and marketing uses of music, have also been growing”

“in some countries that the industry classifies as “emerging,” like Russia and China, piracy remains endemic and legitimate digital services struggle.”

” the recent bankruptcy of the british leading retail music chain, HMV, has prompted fears about an acceleration of the decline in CD sales.”

” the shift to digital delivery of music lowered the record companies’ costs.”

” the music business generated 34 percent of its revenue from digital sources, putting music substantially ahead of other media”



genesis of a contemporary musical piece

February 25, 2013

“To compose my piece “Comme Je L’Entends” (as I hear it), I first convened listeners as diverse in their origins than in their relation to contemporary music. I asked them to lend their ears to my tastes, to my research, to my sound obsessions. They talk about my music freely as they wished, and I recorded. I considered all their comments and reactions as a musical instrument, with its own acoustic rules, and as a booklet too, carrying its own drama. Sincere and often funny dialogue between my music and their words, “Comme Je L’Entends” is primarily the proposal of a space where we invent ourself in the listening. ‘

25 février 2013

The musical piece may be heard through the link below:


Google Glass use might not be great at a dinner party, or on a date, or watching a movie.

February 25, 2013

” What was a total oddity a year ago, and little more than an experiment just 18 months ago is now starting to look like a real product. One that could be in the hands (or on the heads, rather) of consumers by the end of this year. A completely new kind of computing device; wearable, designed to reduce distraction, created to allow you to capture and communicate in a way that is supposed to feel completely natural to the wearer. It’s the anti-smartphone, explicitly fashioned to blow apart our notions of how we interact with technology.”

” Human beings have developed a new problem since the advent of the iPhone and the following mobile revolution: no one is paying attention to anything they’re actually doing. Everyone seems to be looking down at something or through something. Those perfect moments watching your favorite band play or your kid’s recital are either being captured via the lens of a device that sits between you and the actual experience, or being interrupted by constant notifications. Pings from the outside world, breaking into what used to be whole, personal moments ”

User test:
” The natural language search works most of the time, but when it doesn’t, it can be confusing, leaving you with text results that seem like a dead-end”

“Some of the issues stemmed from a more common problem: no data. A good data connection is obviously key for the device to function properly, and when taking Glass outside for stroll, losing data or experiencing slow data on a phone put the headset into a near-unusable state.’

” the feature everyone is going to go crazy with — and the feature you probably most want to use — is Glass’ ability to take photos and video with a “you are there” view. ”

“It’s a very intimate device. We’d like to better understand how other people are going to use it. ”

“The privacy issue is going to be a big hurdle for Google with Glass”

Potential use case:
” if you get a text message or have an incoming call when you’re walking down a busy street, there are something like two or three things you have to do before you can deal with that situation. Most of them involve you completely taking your attention off of your task at hand: walking down the street. With Glass, that information just appears to you, in your line of sight, ready for you to take action on. And taking that action is little more than touching the side of Glass or tilting your head up — nothing that would take you away from your main task of not running into people.”

No use case:
“Glass use might not be great at a dinner party, or on a date, or watching a movie. In fact, it could make those situations very awkward, or at the least, change them in ways you might not like.”


michael gl said: “Simply tell us your URL and how many social fans you want. Once we receive your payment and order informaiton, we’ll begin processing your order and keep you updated along the way.”

February 24, 2013


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   michael gl

nature is simple

February 23, 2013

According to Noam Chomski “language was created as a genetic mutation more than a slow, evolutionary process”

Gondry: “The process and logic of Noam’s stream of ideas have determined the transitions and evolution of my drawings”

“nature is simple”

A trailer of Gondry’s animation movie is available here:

RH song. existing encryption schemes will have to be replaced

February 23, 2013

“The Riemann Hypothesis is supposedly the most important unsolved problem in Mathematics”

“the prime numbers are distinguished by the fact that no-one has yet manage to identify their pattern and how they occur. They just do. The Riemann Hypothesis, if verified, would probably help to solve the riddle”

“if the Riemann Hypothesis is confirmed mathematically, then most of the encryption schemes we use in commerce and government will suddenly be vulnerable”

“Almost all encryption is based on the idea of a “one way” process, and public key encryption is based on the product of prime numbers.”

“The fundamental idea is that it is very difficult to find factors for a number that is created by multiplying two prime numbers together. It’s easy to multiply the numbers together but very difficult to find out what they were if you’re only given the result.”

“To break the encryption you have to find the factors. For this you can use computers (lots of them) but there is no method much better than brute force to find the numbers – basically try every possibility. Using such methods it can take years to crack the code. As computers get faster, the encryption schemes simply select larger numbers so that the factorization problem takes longer to solve.”

“So it doesn’t matter if RH is verified, but it will matter if the mathematics surrounding the solution reveals quicker ways to factorize numbers. Actually even then it will only matter if it reveals much quicker ways to factorize numbers.”

“And what will happen if “the worst occurs” and indeed the code is broken. Well it means that the existing schemes will have to be replaced”


Enjoy RH song:


the piece pays homage to 1970s rock, its decadence, its strut, its wayward fun, and its presiding star is David Bowie

February 22, 2013

About Michael Clark’s “Come, Been and Gone” dance piece:

“Musically, the piece pays homage to 1970s rock, its decadence, its strut, its wayward fun, and its presiding star is David Bowie.”

“during the Heroes number, the singer appears, courtesy of 1977 film footage, at the back of the stage.”

“With his alien beauty and ineffable cool, Bowie is a daunting act to match, but Clark responds to Heroes with a daring, rigorous logic.”

“Using minimalist phrases that echo Bowie’s own body language (the dancers wear similar leather jackets), Clark builds up the dance with near unbearable restraint until suddenly he allows it to detonate into a sextet of jumps and kicks.”

“The effect is brief but mind-blowing, as if the climax of the dance had exploded out of the music itself.”

“Clark’s setting of Aladdin Sane is a revisit to The Rite of Spring, as dancer Simon Williams torques and twists in subjection to the music’s jangling rhythms.”

“With The Jean Genie he turns showman, having two men in striped blazers dancing a vaudeville jig, a pair of women strutting arm in arm on pointe, some dancers trying on a flash of disco, others a slither of Broadway jazz.”

Enjoy it: