“the earlier you can embrace new business models and services, the better”

“Last year, however, digital sales and other new sources of revenue grew significantly enough to offset the continuing decline in CD sales.”

” digital is saving music”

” Sales of downloaded singles and albums, from services like Apple’s iTunes, continue to grow.”

” the customers of subscription-based offerings, including Spotify, Rhapsody and Muve Music, grew by 44 percent last year, to 20 million”

” Other sources of revenue, including royalties from musical performances and marketing uses of music, have also been growing”

“in some countries that the industry classifies as “emerging,” like Russia and China, piracy remains endemic and legitimate digital services struggle.”

” the recent bankruptcy of the british leading retail music chain, HMV, has prompted fears about an acceleration of the decline in CD sales.”

” the shift to digital delivery of music lowered the record companies’ costs.”

” the music business generated 34 percent of its revenue from digital sources, putting music substantially ahead of other media”

Source: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2013/02/27/technology/music-industry-records-first-revenue-increase-since-1999.xml

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