police drone Vs renegades

the military’s cache of U.A.V.’s has grown from just a handful in 2001 to more than 7,000 today.

variety of drones are currently employed by the military —from the famous missile-launching Predator to tiny prototypes shaped like hummingbirds.

The Federal Aviation Administration will release a comprehensive set of rules on drones by 2015.

Both the CIA and military use drones for “targeted killings” of terrorist leaders. The strikes have been an awkward open secret, remaining officially classified while government officials mention them repeatedly.

Drones are piloted from thousands of miles away

The Air Force is playing catch-up trying to train people to fly drones and analyze the mountains of data they produce, forcing them to sometimes rely on civilian contractors for sensitive missions

the Seattle police department showed off a 3.5-pound camera-equipped drone with a battery life of a whopping 10 minutes

emergency responders could soon use smaller drones

One of the first drone-assisted arrests by a local police department took place in North Dakota this year (2012), with the help of a borrowed DHS Predator. It was deployed, as the New Yorker detailed, to catch a group of renegade ranchers in a conflict that originated over a bale of hay.


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