Turing machine animation. Enjoy yourself.

the Turing machine has a tape divided into squares, in which she can write symbols.

The machine can read only one square at a time.

it writes in one box at a time.

it moves the tape one square to the left or to the right.

Symbols are finite in number.

the machine works using a binary code

to reach this aim,Turing was considering the special case where the symbols used are 0 and 1

The program input is a list of binary symbols written on the tape (see the boxes on the animation below).

Once the calculation is done, the result will be written on the tape, This result is the output of the program. At every moment, the band saves the state of computation.

Each program has a corresponding description in the form of a table.

Each line of this table is associated with a state and specifies the actions to be performed when the machine is in this state, according to this symbol under the read head.

These actions may be writing a symbol (here a 0 or a 1) and moving the tape one square to the right or left.

The line also specifies the new state ti reach after the execution of actions.

The machine stops when a state marked as final is reached.

here is the animation. Enjoy yourself.


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