driving a drone: pilots with real flight experience made more mistakes than operators with no flight experience

Drone pilots escape the physical demands and dangers of a traditional cockpit. There’s no g-force pinning them to their seats, no uncomfortable pressure suit to wear and no panic because the aircraft they are sitting in is spiraling out of control.

drone pilots spend hours watching their crafts through their computer screens — their only physical link with the craft they fly.

in the case of a lost data link, a drone is programmed to return to either a pre-programmed location or its original launch point. When that happens, “A pilot needs to know what the programming is if they need to manage it,” so the programming can be changed if needed

flying a drone doesn’t suck up every drop of a pilot’s focus every second they are at the controls. This makes boredom a unique but very real problem among pilots, and it cuts into their performance

babysitting” a craft while waiting for a target makes it harder for pilots to spring back into action when they’re needed

When she tested the subjects’ attention through 4-hour simulations, she found that high scorers were distracted: They read a book, checked their phones or left the controls to get a snack.

a couple of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) incorporate the PlayStation2 controller

There’s some evidence that suggests putting a pilot with less flight experience behind the drone controls is a better strategy than the other way around

pilots with real flight experience made more mistakes than operators with no flight experience.

That’s because “pilots learn to rely on a set of cues they do not have in the control of UAVs



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