lost promises of digital life

Politically, we were promised that social networks were the remedy to dictatorships and democracies way to revitalize. Doubtless social networks helped tipping the statues of Arab despots, but the crisis of democracy remains.

We were promised a transparency that would be incompatible with the shenanigans of politicians and central bankers. On the contrary, internet, dematerialising money and blowing up state borders, has accelerated the deregulation of financial markets.

We were promised the end of unearned incomes and an open and competitive economy. we are witnessing the creation of a series of monopolies: a single search engine, Google, a single social network, Facebook, a single e-commerce site, Amazon, a single playback software and digital media library manager, Apple IPad, etc.. Moreover they are all American. In addition, each of them is trying to lock us in its standard and aims to be the “empire.”

We were told of an indefinite extension of our meeting space and knowledge. In fact, the algorithms used by the search engines always refer us to sources of information – or misinformation – we already visit, allowing “self-propaganda”, and to the small community of people who think like us, live like us, use the same products and services as we do. It is not the best way to further meeting!

Finally, the digital should be the occasion of such an increase in labor productivity that we should spend most of our lives on holiday. In reality, those who still have a paid job have never been so busy and available and have their privacy invaded by their professional lives, while a large number of jobs disappear as a result of scanning and cutting of the value chain.



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