Without the project the Mont would have been completely landlocked within 30 years.

the Roman Catholic churches at Mont-St.-Michel and Chartres were the sublime symbols of a medieval unity of vision, founded on God. Those churches expressed “an emotion, the deepest man ever felt – the struggle of his own littleness to grasp the infinite.”

a visitor can still feel some of that awe, especially at dawn and dusk, when the light spreads over the salt flats and the sea, or streams through the cloister and stained glass of the Abbaye du Mont-St.-Michel, known as La Merveille since at least the 12th century.

At the abbey,there are only 13 nuns and monks now

The new bridge (work in progress):
The original idea was to leave passengers more than half a mile from the island, so they could walk over the oak planks of the new bridge and experience the sense of pilgrimage of the past. But merchants argued that the walk was too long and too slow, and that locals who like to come for a drink or dinner overlooking the sea would be put off.

Less tourists because of the long walking along the new bridge: the mayor said:
“We’re in France, and anything that changes anyone’s habits a priori we don’t like. But those same people in a few years will see the beauty of the site, and this moaning will disappear.”

The new bridge will help desilting of the bay:
The salt marshes have already retreated about 2,000 feet as the river does its work. it is only when the new bridge is finished and the old causeway is finally destroyed sometime in 2015 that the full process of desilting will begin. Without the project the Mont would have been completely landlocked within 30 years.


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