France is going to have a centralized system for the interception of telephone and internet data

Phone calls, SMS, MMS, Internet will go through wiretaps.

the surveillance system will allow to centralize in a single point more than 5 million legal requisitions (list of phone calls, a subscriber identity behind a number …) and nearly 40,000 wiretaps allowed by the judges as part of their investigations.

The continuous increase in the number of phone or SMS interceptions burdens the budget of the State Dept. Of justice.

In five years, spending have almost doubled from 55 to 106 million euros in 2011. And inflation is not going to stop, given the increased surveillance on the fixed and mobile Internet.

So far, the telecom operators were paid for at each interception. They sent the information to the police. Six small private companies then helped the police by providing free equipment for transcribing the records (secure lines, computers, software).

The new surveillance system will gather everything  avoiding nearly 1 million of administrative documents

Originally, the new surveillance system (called PNIJ) will cost 43 million euros.

PNIJ will start in September and will be a substitute to the three platforms currently specialized in intercepting data. One concerns the SMS (the STIJ). The other two are related to the fixed and mobile Internet: Caryatid and Primatice.

PNIJ operator is a French electronics firm: Thales. The datacenter and the control room are located in Elancourt, in the suburb of Paris .


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