If you want to hide an information use the temporal hole

the temporal hole:

It works by separating a laser beam into two frequency ranges. the two beams pass in different environments that slow them, creating an offset.

If a message inscribed in a flash of light cuts the beam at the exact moment when occurs temporal hole caused by this lag, no disturbance of the laser will be recorded. The message will neither seen nor known.

A total erasure cape:
this idea inspired a new system that provides “a whole new level of security” for data transmission in optical fibers.

This not only prevents eavesdropping, it also prevents the hackers to know that there is information to hack.

When a light wave passes through a series of slits diffraction, it divides. Rays coming out of the slots are recombined to form a complex interference pattern with peaks and holes. The British inventor Henry Talbot showed (1836) that this network is repeated at regular intervals to form what was called the Talbot effect .

The light then passes, like AC, an intensity value of zero.  in this time hole, researchers tried to hide information. Through a system modulating the phase of a laser, they got a time slot of 36 picoseconds.

Introducing at the right time, a 12.7 gigabits per second data signal, the researchers did find that no trace remained at the exit of the laser beam.

So there is no possibility to send anyone a useful message, including the correct recipient.

Researchers believes it will soon be possible to send secret messages using this method … And be able to recover them.

Meanwhile, this ‘total erasure cape’ could find less sulfur applications. The phenomenon of loss of data in a laser beam is used to avoid disruption of data flow in an optical fiber that carries several. The cape would no longer invisible and secret data, but interference, noise or static



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