The “Digital Dark Age” refers to a future situation where the electronic data will be unreadable because stored on obsolete media in forgotten formats

This issue affects all areas of knowledge and art, archiving and creation.

It grows as the memory of humankind is converted into bits.

What strategies against “digital forgetting”?

The crucial issue of sustainability concerns and today brings together researchers and artists around the sharing of transmission and the “price” of knowledge, as evidenced by the news of free software or cloud computing.

The creation of today also includes a number of technologies in constant and quick mutation.

Obsolescence immediately questioned the invariant of a work.

What future for works which technology is soon outdated?

Editing and archiving, and vintage remake, interpretation and reinterpretation report authentic artistic inventiveness in tune with the passage of technological time.

From music to visual arts, from cinema creation to video games design, from IT to engineering of knowledge, the challenge of posterity concerns both tools, languages ​​and works.



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