LIA: its high-powered computing machine is a delight for young InfoSec engineers

France now has the means for launching computer attacks, that is to say the ability to destroy or cripple computers and networks considered hostile. And not just to penetrate them for purposes of espionage. This is called “lutte informatique active” (for active cyber-war): LIA.

LIA is entrusted to the DGSE (General Directorate for External Security) and the armed forces, who have pooled their resources.

The technical direction of the DGSE has one of the most powerful computers in Europe.

Their installation, in Alluets-le-Roi (Yvelines, near Paris), needed to divert an electrical power line, to prevent short-circuits in the surrounding villages.

This high-powered computing machine is a delight for young engineers, recruited from outside schools for contracts of three or six years, before being hired by the private sector.

Within the administration of Defence, where thousands of jobs are removed, because of the economic crisis, the staff of engineers working at cyberdefence tasks increase of 350 over the next military planning law (2014-2019) with a budget of about 250 million.

Abroad, only two series of cyber attacks are relatively documented. Those conducted by the United States during the Olympic Games against Iranian nuclear facilities, with the invaluable assistance of the Israeli services. And those carried out in retaliation for the summer of 2012, by the cyber branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard against Saudi Aramco.



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