collecting intelligence on groups or individuals that pose problem

France also has “little ears” in order to swipe a wide range of informations through a keywords filtering system

This system is operated by the General Department for Foreign Security (DGSE)

France is not part of the Anglo-Saxon Echelon program

With the French system, everything is likely to be scrutinized: phone calls, emails, text messages

The communications taking place in the country are not affected.

The French philosophy is to collect intelligence on groups or individuals that pose problem, not to listen to anyone.

interception of private correspondence on the Internet or mobile networks are subject to strict supervision

2 kinds of the claims:

– those made in the context of a criminal investigation

– the administrative interceptions carried out on behalf of the intelligence services, through their ministry.

the administrative interceptions are performed by the Inter-ministry control group (GIC).

they are authorized by Matignon if they involve the national security, the safeguard of the essential elements of the scientific and economic potential of France, or the prevention of:

– terrorism,

– crime

– organized delinquency

– restoration or maintenance of dissolved political groups

in the latter context, the Central Department of Home Intelligence (DCRI) may use wiretaps to identify and dismantle potential terrorist cells

Sometimes the DCRI enlists the help of the DGSE, which has its own listening system. The latter is the Foreign Intelligence Service. It has a major center of tapping in Domme, Dordogne, and multiple antennas installed overseas and in several African countries linked to France by defense agreements such as Djibouti.


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