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in the pantheon, a goddess was not a woman

July 28, 2013

In ancient Greece, among the various functions performed by women: directing a choir, trading, deciding or advising hatch plots, making war.

In the performance of choral music, the enunciative position was ambivalent: it combines the adult male author – a poet – and the chorus girls, into “a voice of authority” since the choruses bear the sung action at the first person.

the same uncertainty reigned in the pantheon: A goddess was not a woman.

the gods were not people, but above all “powers” that could occasionally take human form but the divine status outweighed the gender

On Mount Olympus, the complicity between men and women prevailed over gender differences.

goddesses even went to war: Hera, the divine wife, who was closely linked to marriage and possessed the “supreme beauty” did not hesitate, in the Iliad, to take the appearance of the Achaean warrior Stentor to push a terrible battle cry and foster the war action in the plain of Troy

women made for children to war. they exhorted, as Gorgon, daughter, wife and mother of the king of Sparta, to return “with or on their shields,” that is to say, alive and victorious or dead, arms in hand



bookstores: “buy local” networks, a militant approach for local consumption and preserving employment

July 28, 2013

In France, selling books is a “mature” market. It is going down for 3 years.

selling books has become the less profitable retail business.

The average net income is 0.6%, against nearly six times more for other businesses.

independent books retailers represent more than 40% of book sales and between 12,000 and 13,000 jobs. They are 2500 to 3000. To avoid closing their shops in quantity, the booksellers modulate their own wages.


Globally, the trends are almost the same:

– an increase in online shopping,

– the closure of large retail chains

– the majority of shopping is always in bookstores

– independent bookstores are trying to diversify by playing a more important cultural role or become a stakeholder in the “buy local” network, such as Germany and the United States, where a professional survey also shows even better the last year. This move is part of a militant approach for local consumption and preserving employment.



Apophis broke the record for the highest level on the Torino Scale (level 4), before it was lowered

July 28, 2013
Apophis asteroid would pass through a gravitational keyhole, a small region no more than about 800 m (half a mile) wide,that would set up a future impact on April 13, 2036.
This possibility kept the asteroid at Level 1 on the Torino impact hazard scale until August 2006, when the probability that Apophis would pass through the keyhole was determined to be very small. Apophis broke the record for the highest level on the Torino Scale, being, for only a short time, a level 4, before it was lowered.

The diameter of Apophis is approximately 325 metres (1,066 ft)


Apophis passed within 0.0966 AU (14,450,000 km; 8,980,000 mi) of the Earth in 2013, allowing astronomers to refine the trajectory for future close passes.

While an impact in 2036 is practically impossible, a NASA assessment as of 21 February 2013 gives an impact probability of 2.3 out of a million for 2068.

The exact effects of any impact would vary based on the asteroid’s composition, and the location and angle of impact. Any impact would be extremely detrimental to an area of thousands of square kilometers, but would be unlikely to have long-lasting global effects, such as the initiation of an impact winter

Assuming Apophis is a 325-meter wide stony asteroid, if it were to impact into sedimentary rock, Apophis would create a 4.3 kilometers (2.7 mi) impact crater

it was estimated that the hypothetical impact of Apophis in countries such as Colombia and Venezuela, which are in the path of risk, could have more than 10 million casualties. An impact in the Atlantic or Pacific oceans would produce a devastating tsunami

Apophis is one of two asteroids under consideration by the European Space Agency as the target of its Don Quijote mission to study the effects of impacting an asteroid




riding 1000 kilometers for only 1 euro with a 1000 euros electric bike

July 11, 2013

riding  1000 kilometers for only 1 euro.

this is the performance of a new electric bike.

French students (IUT Aisne) have improved commercially purchased bikes by adding an electric motor.

Power is provided by lithium-polymer batteries

The total weight of the electric bike is approximately 15 kg

The motor can work alone, with a throttle lever on the handlebar

The user can reduce electric consumption by pedaling.

One of the experimental bikes is a tricycle. It has got a power of 3000 watts, reaching a speed of 65 km / h

The electric bike has a range of 180 km. Its battery recharges in one hour.

Energy cost to make 1 600 km corresponds to a liter of petrol.

Its  market price would be around € 1000.

the French highway code does not allow such electric vehicles. indeed, the current standard limits a vehicle”s power to 250 watts.


This is not the pupil who chooses the tutor

July 10, 2013

“legislators are elected by their fellow citizens.

So why would they say to them: “You are able to intervene in public affairs, you have the right to have your opinion on all matters, to believe or not to believe, to choose your MP, but you do not have the right to choose what you need to drink or not to drink. (…)

Have you received the light of the Holy Spirit on the day a few more votes in a ballot sent you sit at the Palais Bourbon?

This is not the pupil who chooses the tutor: how can MPs understand they must treat as children those of whom, the day before, they solicited the votes?”

Source: Yves Guyot, French radical MP, Dreyfus partisan and feminist, close to Gambetta.
Debates about banishing absinthe
French National Assembly



anagrams owe their existence to the non-commutativity of the position of letters within words

July 10, 2013

the universe is at least 13.8 billion years old

the Earth is 4.45 billion years y.o.

life appeared 3.5 billion years ago

the man appeared only 2 million years ago

older objects that all life on Earth have indeed existed in the past of the universe

countless events are chained, of which no human consciousness could be the witness

humanity, very recent species, was not contemporaneous with everything the world has known or crossed

2 million years against 13.8 billion, this is a ratio of 1 to 6900. The universe has spent most of its time without us.

if the passage of time depends on us, exists only by us or for us, how did the time pass before our appearance?

the universe was able to unfold for 13.8 billion years when we were not yet there to produce the flow of time

According to some physicists, the time engine is switched on by the non-commutativity inherent in the formalism of quantum physics


“The quantum randomness is the ticking of the divine clock”

“Quantum excitement generates the passage of time”