riding 1000 kilometers for only 1 euro with a 1000 euros electric bike

riding  1000 kilometers for only 1 euro.

this is the performance of a new electric bike.

French students (IUT Aisne) have improved commercially purchased bikes by adding an electric motor.

Power is provided by lithium-polymer batteries

The total weight of the electric bike is approximately 15 kg

The motor can work alone, with a throttle lever on the handlebar

The user can reduce electric consumption by pedaling.

One of the experimental bikes is a tricycle. It has got a power of 3000 watts, reaching a speed of 65 km / h

The electric bike has a range of 180 km. Its battery recharges in one hour.

Energy cost to make 1 600 km corresponds to a liter of petrol.

Its  market price would be around € 1000.

the French highway code does not allow such electric vehicles. indeed, the current standard limits a vehicle”s power to 250 watts.

Source: http://www.larecherche.fr/actualite/acteurs/velos-electriques-plus-puissants-plus-autonomes-04-07-2013-115585

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