bookstores: “buy local” networks, a militant approach for local consumption and preserving employment

In France, selling books is a “mature” market. It is going down for 3 years.

selling books has become the less profitable retail business.

The average net income is 0.6%, against nearly six times more for other businesses.

independent books retailers represent more than 40% of book sales and between 12,000 and 13,000 jobs. They are 2500 to 3000. To avoid closing their shops in quantity, the booksellers modulate their own wages.


Globally, the trends are almost the same:

– an increase in online shopping,

– the closure of large retail chains

– the majority of shopping is always in bookstores

– independent bookstores are trying to diversify by playing a more important cultural role or become a stakeholder in the “buy local” network, such as Germany and the United States, where a professional survey also shows even better the last year. This move is part of a militant approach for local consumption and preserving employment.



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