it is as if the manufacturer of a lock explained how to make a pass

the U.S. intelligence agency would be funding a 190 million euros per year program that allows to “break” the keys for many encryption systems, thanks to its super powerful computers but also through “cooperation” with the U.S. and foreign firms.

Some of these computer security groups and Internet service providers say they have been forced by the government (U.S.) to read their keys, or to provide an entry point to access their software encryption.

NSA would have directly influenced the software companies in order to add vulnerabilities in their commercial products. it is as if the manufacturer of a lock explained the NSA how to make a pass

This cooperation can be obtained through Judicial or administrative orders, or because U.S. companies and suppliers considered the US military-security complex as a huge market. The annual budget for these operations is a powerful argument too.

PRIMX (a French IT security company)”s CEO hope that these issues will raise French companies awareness about IT security, and the push them to use trusted products.

all PRIMX softwares are manufactured in Lyon. PRIMX is one of happy few companies labeled by the French National IT Security Agency  (Anssi)

Open-source software may produce reliable IT security system, because the way they operate is visible to all, while proprietary solutions sold by major players such as Microsoft or Cisco do not reveal their source codes.

For maximum security, however, as the confidentiality of national defense informations, the only approved solutions are those that are designed and evaluated by the Government itself. These solutions are produced as hardware and not as software, to prevent illegal manipulation. It is useless to possess the best encryption system in the world if the attacker gets the secret informations into the computer before they are encrypted.


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