we won’t be shrinking for much longer

On the five- to 10-year timeframe scale, L.Torvalds (Linux creator) is very interested to see how the industry actually reacts to the fact that soon we will come against some physical limits

People used to be talking about having thousands of cores on one die because it keeps shrinking, and those people clearly have no idea about physics because we won’t be shrinking for much longer.

Both physical and financial limits could prevent the frequent doubling in transistor density that was observed by Moore’s Law

That’s going to affect us in kernel land because we are the layer between hardware and software. What happens when hardware doesn’t improve and magically make us faster? That’s going to be interesting. It might not be five or 10 years, it might be 15, but it’s going to happen.

hardware manufacturers can keep improving their side of the equation even if increases in processing power slow down. “Hopefully hardware innovation doesn’t stop just because shrinking stops

Much hardware innovation is happening on devices that aren’t necessarily super impressive under the hood

the hardware [in Google Glass] isn’t that advanced, it’s basically a PandaBoard (a low-power, low-cost single-board computer development platform for “system on a chip” integrated circuits) but what you do with it is very interesting

embedded systems, particularly mobile devices, are driving Linux development

Embedded today is what enterprise was five years ago, You have a quad-core in your pocket

“Linux kernel developer” panelists were asked if they’ve been approached by the US government to insert a back door into the Linux kernel. Torvalds said no while nodding his head, drawing a laugh

source: http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2013/09/linus-torvalds-worries-about-how-linux-will-handle-the-end-of-moores-law/

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