In France, voluntary termination of pregnancy may be performed at any time if …

In France, each year nearly 6,000 medical terminations of pregnancy (IMG) are performed because of the diagnosis, in the unborn child, of genetic abnormalities and / or malformations that are extremely grave or incompatible with life.

They are more rarely performed when the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother

Deciding to terminate a pregnancy is the result of a process that follows the diagnosis of a serious disease of the unborn child. It is governed in France by Law No. 75-17 of 17 January 1975 relating to the voluntary interruption of pregnancy (induced abortion), commonly known as the Veil law

This decision is made at parents’ request. If both parents have different opinions, the decision belongs to the mother. The application is accepted and appraised by a panel of specialist doctors.

Art. 162-12. – Voluntary termination of pregnancy may, at any time, be performed if two medical doctors certify, after examination and discussion that continuing pregnancy poses a serious threat to the health of the woman or that there is a high probability that the unborn child is suffering from a particular disease that is recognized as incurable at the time of diagnosis severity.


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