Badiou: on the market of our personal satisfactions, passionate love is truly priceless

the one who has not experienced love can not achieve freeing the power of the idea of love into himself.

Reinventing love would also be reinventing thought.

All truth is universal. Such a truth also prohibits an individual who confronts it to keep as a rule of life, the simple persistence of his own appetites, which he thinks spontaneously, being, among other things, an animal, that satisfying them are sufficient to reach happiness.

But love is a sublime and dangerous passion. It is precisely the most available experience of this saving renunciation. Indeed, love is the decision to accept that an other person, initially completely unknown, do now, in its entirety, without limitation or qualification, part of our existence.

“love is a thought” (Pessoa). It is even more than that. it is an experience, almost a wild experience, of the thought, in general.

thinking (in art, science, politics …) is invariably a real exposure to otherness.

In this exhibition we expect, not the pleasures of satisfaction, but the incomparable joy caused by the discovery that we are powerful, selflessly, infinitely more than we have imagined we were.

love, true love, crazy love, is precisely the archetype of this dangerous exposure to this type of excessive joy

the wonderful pleasures brought by our bodies mingle with the joy. This is a further evidence of what a true thought, as outlined in the full and intimate acceptance that it exceeds its individual support, can raise, by itself, the satisfaction to the altitude of happiness.

Because we are considered as generic or anonymous individuals of our time, we are moving in this direction. We are tempted by the rather vain intangible photographic trade of innumerable “friends”, by the approval of relationships without commitment, or by contracts that binds a couple on the base, solid in appearance, precarious in reality (50% of divorces), of mutual benefit.

Reinvention (of love) can only come, today, as the primary movement of a defense. Yes, let us defend, whatever the cost, the unbearable passion.

this war in honor of love must be conducted on two fronts: one on the right side, the other on the left side.

on the right side: we must overcome the artificial ideology of amicable agreement. This agreement would assure the balance of benefits, the “fulfillment” of the concerned individuals , the “harmony” of each partner, in brief, the personal satisfaction of well-matched animals. This behaviour never crosses the boundary between the interest and the Idea, between the satisfaction and the joy. This representation is only the projection of the domestic law of our great companies: everything that exists has a price set by the market. However, on the market of our personal satisfactions, passionate love is truly priceless. therefore we simply opt for a contract that regulates the satisfactions.

on the left side: we must overcome the temptation to see, in the “freedom” of desires, the alpha and omega of existence. But love, as a thought, cannot be reduced to this kind of choice. No more than the contract, licentiousness escapes the laws of market appreciation. Its latent sadness, beyond the ritual of excitement, precisely results from this subordination, which is far from any joy, as any joy implies the infinity of a thought.

love is “a stubborn adventure”. Indeed, the thought that plays in it requires a selfless appetite for risk and the patience to bear the effects of such a risk. But the resulting joy is absolutely priceless.


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