Computer warfare has some advantages

a cyber attack takes longer to prepare than a traditional military attack.
you must identify networks, workstations, weaknesses in systems, create the appropriate software, be sure that it worked the right way. In short , a cyber attack has not much to do with the fiction that shows a spectacled young men paralyzing a country by pressing three keys of his keyboard and sipping a can of Soda.

in 2011 the U.S.A have led 231 cyber attacks, mostly against countries with which they are not at war.

the main advantage of the computer weapon and of the technological weapon in general: to stand outside the scope of the war and of the law rules which governs it.

Computer warfare has some advantages: it does neither deadman, directly at least, nor ruin. It does not produce any image, somehow, it does not exist.

These advantages are all illusion. we accept that illusion because it is so difficult to understand that cyberspace is not somewhere else, unrelated to the physical world, so difficult to understand that we live in cyberspace and that what happens there affects us.

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