only a part of the personal data provided to foreign intelligence agencies, from the submarine cables, can be sorted

extremely close ties exists between the French secret information service – the General Directorate of external services (DGSE), the NSA and its British counterpart, the GCHQ

in the name of combating terrorism, the DGSE has built and structured a sharing process with the United States and Great Britain

The decision was then made ​​to transfer the NSA and GCHQ massive stocks data transiting on French soil.

The decision was taken in large part by secret services technical director of these countries

French DGSE analysts have learned that NSA analysts had a lot to offer and offered lot.

France has a strategic position in the transport of electronic data by submarine cables

This information flow is subject to large-scale interception by a DGSE.

the level of cooperation today is so much high that personal data transiting from Africa or the Middle East through France, and belonging to individuals of French nationality – businessmen, diplomats, or DGSE agents in Mission – or even to African heads of state, may fall into the hands of the NSA in the name of anti-terrorism.

material provided to the NSA, largely taken from the cables but not only, is not uniform.
The data collected have varied and complex specifications.
They belong to the French people as well as to foreigners. DGSE can sort some of them and preserve secrets about France, but it can not identify all of the data.


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