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Facebook feeds may seem like a random jumble

December 14, 2013

these can be improved by intelligent systems

there are things that are less directly connected, like analyzing content, understanding natural language and being able to model users… to allow them to learn new things, entertain them and help them achieve their goals
Artificial intelligence can help computers “think” in ways similar to humans and help solve problems
Big tech companies are all working on artificial intelligence to varying degrees
Facebook already uses some artificial intelligence algorithms for its “social network graph,” but that applying these to photos, videos and other “multimedia” data requires a boost in power
in the short term mainly Facebook will mainly focus on improving existing algorithms, for example better selection of what shows up in a user’s Web feed
In the long run, we should see a lot more capabilities such as searching for photos of things one might be interested in, and more information in Facebook that results from your activities on other websites
people have been leaving Facebook because they are upset that the newsfeed filtering doesn’t let them see a lot of the things they’d like to see from their friends

ageing is based on the shape of mortality trajectories

December 8, 2013

Not all species weaken and become more likely to die as they age

Some species get stronger and less likely to die with age, while others are not affected by age at all.
Some species become stronger with age: tortoises and certain trees,
Some species become neither weaker nor stronger: Hydra, a freshwater polyp
desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) experiences the highest mortality early on in life and a steadily declining mortality as it ages.
Many plant species, e.g. the white mangrove tree (Avicennia marina) follow the same pattern
The freshwater polyp Hydra magnipapillata has constant low mortality. In fact, in lab conditions, it has such a low risk of dying at any time in its life that it is effectively immortal.
even after 1400 years five per cent of a hydra population kept in these conditions would still be alive
Human fertility is characterized by being concentrated in a relatively short period of life, and by the fact that humans live for a rather long time both before and after the fertile period.
Some species become more and more fertile with age. this pattern is especially common in plants such as the agave (Agave marmorata) and the rare mountain plants hypericum (Hypericum cumulicola) and borderea (Borderea pyrenaica).
On the contrary fertility occurs very early in the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans. Actually this species starts its life with being fertile, then it quite quickly and quite suddenly loses the ability to produce offspring
Species can have increasing mortality and still live a long time, or have declining mortality and still live a short time
ageing is not how old a species can become

ageing is based on the shape of mortality trajectories

the fear of death, once more. We absolutely can not get out

December 6, 2013

pop stars are really fascinated by contemporary art

Jay Z gave a performance with Marina Abramovic

Lady Gaga’s album cover is signed by Jeff Koons. She has also worked with Robert Wilson.

the usual course of media visibility means artists leave the underground to gradually win the heart of the mainstream,

Lady Gaga, Jay- Z and others are going the opposite way.

Doing so, they may lose some of their fans.

they complicate their message and their music by the way, and withdraw to pop music its first criterion: the simplicity , sacrificing their commercial success on the altar of a sometimes misty artistic vision.

But, in our times of dematerialized music, their willingness to “become art” or to “create masterpieces” expresses their need to enter history, and to leave behind them a lasting cultural heritage.

The fear of death, once more. We absolutely can not get out



How a letter signed by the President is used to sell fake paintings

December 1, 2013

A minor painter called Ahmin has been sentenced to 2 years in prison after judgment by the Paris Criminal Court.

At 60, Ahmin is not the great artist he dreamed of being .

To sell his paintings, he have then an idea: pretend they are signed Jacques Villeret (a famous French comical actor). He is also convinced to be the actor’s half-brother.

But it turned out that no legal relationship with the actor has been established, and that the actor, died in 2005, has never held a paintbrush in her life.

But the buyers of Ahmin’s paintings ignored these minutiae .

For a year, forty paintings by Ahmin but signed “JV” will find a buyer for about 500 € each .

The range of means the scammer used to convince the buyer is vast : false inheritance judgment, fake certificates, wacky testimonials.

Among them, a SMS texting allegedly written by Jean- Louis Debré, President of the French Constitutional Council, guaranteeing the authenticity of the paintings.

The usurper will even send a canvas at the Elysee Palace (the French President’s residence), receiving ten days later a letter of thanks signed by the hand of Nicolas Sarkozy.