How a letter signed by the President is used to sell fake paintings

A minor painter called Ahmin has been sentenced to 2 years in prison after judgment by the Paris Criminal Court.

At 60, Ahmin is not the great artist he dreamed of being .

To sell his paintings, he have then an idea: pretend they are signed Jacques Villeret (a famous French comical actor). He is also convinced to be the actor’s half-brother.

But it turned out that no legal relationship with the actor has been established, and that the actor, died in 2005, has never held a paintbrush in her life.

But the buyers of Ahmin’s paintings ignored these minutiae .

For a year, forty paintings by Ahmin but signed “JV” will find a buyer for about 500 € each .

The range of means the scammer used to convince the buyer is vast : false inheritance judgment, fake certificates, wacky testimonials.

Among them, a SMS texting allegedly written by Jean- Louis Debré, President of the French Constitutional Council, guaranteeing the authenticity of the paintings.

The usurper will even send a canvas at the Elysee Palace (the French President’s residence), receiving ten days later a letter of thanks signed by the hand of Nicolas Sarkozy.


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