Broadway. This is the end.

The owners of the Roseland Ballroom in New York, that hosted stars like Fred Astaire or Madonna announced, Tuesday, Oct. 22, they would close its doors late April 2014. The ballroom, which can accommodate 3,500 people on 52nd Street, just steps from Broadway, opened in 1919.

This closure rings as a sign of the displacement and the collapse of the creative heart of the musicals away from its original birthplace.

As a matter of fact, the cult novel of a generation, American Psycho, will soon be played and sang on a London stage.

In American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis imagine the life of a 26 years golden boy, Patrick Bateman. Banker in the 1980s, the young man is handsome, rich, intelligent. He frequents the trendiest restaurants and nightclubs . Like all his friends, he likes to take cocaine occasionally. But under his look of an ideal son, he is a schizophrenic serial killer. He rips, slaughters, recesses, violates his victims in his luxury Manhattan apartment.

An American in Paris, mounted as a musical, will be given its world premiere at the Châtelet in Paris, then it will move to Broadway.

At the Châtelet, musicals are carried by large orchestras, opera singers and great actors. Broadway works with singing actors and the partitions are re-orchestrated to limit to ten the number of musicians in the pit. In the United States, the Châtelet is considered as one of the first theaters in the world.


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