The art of watching funny falls

Sometimes I type ” funny falls ” in the search bar and I watch Youtube compilations of funny falls.

They featured People who fall and who were inadvertently filmed by one camera (or phone).

There are lots of different falls and all do not make me laugh with the same intensity.

I ‘m not a fan of bike and skateboard falls.

However, I absolutely love falls during marriages.

Grooms who faints at the time of the oath or the bridesmaid who drank too much and decided to embark herself on a vaguely erotic choreography around a pillar, which happens to be the main post supporting tent, wavering before collapsing on everyone.

 I also like children who are ejected from the turnstile. (not “PC”)

I only saw once the video that made me laugh the most, and I was very wrong not to download it.

So, since, I seek it desperately .

This video is about a man who is bowling, which soars to launch his ball , launches it, but his finger stucks in the ball, so that it is not the ball , but him that throws himself . In an extraordinary move, unimaginable. An almost perfect motion.

In the first minutes of viewing these funny falls, my laughter comes directly from misfortune or at least the ridicule of others.

But it does not last long .

As minutes pass, the falls accumulate, the disgust appears, not the disgust for these people, but disgust for myself laughing at them.

Then a deep empathy for “other people” borns in the same movement.

These awkward “other people” seized and immortalized in all their awkwardness.

My love for “other people” almost reborns.

These distant “other people”, coming from around the world , these “other people” I do not know.



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