over 80s are intimidated by the big number of applications on the tablet screen

“US senior citizens are lagging behind the overall population in online usage.”

“37 percent of those over 80 go online, compared with 86 percent of the overall US population who use the Internet”
“The number of over 80s will have almost quadrupled between 2000 and 2050 to 395 million, according to the UN World Health Organization”
“technologies can help less mobile people to maintain social connections”
“Many seniors understandably have difficulty with digital communications, having spent most of their lives in the pre-Internet era”
“many elderly people are intimidated by the big number of applications on the tablet screen”
“a new interface so that (senior citizens) could see only one or two buttons on her screen with the application (they) use: Skype, games”
“The result is a simplified screen on which all unused applications are hidden, …”
“… and a support service that can take remote control of the device to fix problems or install new apps”
“relatives often do not have the knowledge or the time to help the seniors with the device”
“By pressing a help button on their screen, users will be connected vocally to a real person for help”
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