when such problems happen to you, do not come see me

“I’m sick of seeing colleagues passing in my office asking me to resolve their computer problems … here is a misunderstanding I want to clear: dealing with digital cultures (that is my job) does not mean I know how to handle computer problems.

Dealing with digital cultures does not mean I know why your computer makes a strange noise or why it refuses to start. So when such problems happen to you, do not come see me.

would you think to go to a bullfighting critic to ask him to cut a steak?

It is just as wonderful to be butcher than a bullfighting critic, but it is not the same job.

A geek friend of mine told me this short story:

his father bought a new car, He did not change car for a long time.

One morning, his brand new car did not start. He opened the hood: no engine inside. The engine has disappeared. The man called a repairman, and, a bit distressed, explained his problem: they stole my engine.”

The skilled man diagnosed: but no sir, your engine is there”. My friend’s father could not conceive that this almost odorless thing, made ​​of plastic and impeccable pipes, that the mechanic showed him, could be a car engine.

Today, we are facing our computers like our cars: we do not know how they work.

Source: http://www.franceculture.fr/emission-ce-qui-nous-arrive-sur-la-toile-je-ne-suis-pas-informaticien-ou-la-rebellion-2014-02-28


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