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more than half of California’s wireless 911 calls are delivered without caller location information

August 31, 2014

“Call 911 from your wireless phone when you’re outdoors, and your location will likely be determined with relative accuracy. If you use that same smartphone indoors, however — particularly in a multi-story building — the accuracy of the call location drastically decreases”
“more and more people are ditching landlines”
“network technologies installed during the last few years made the problem worse (than before)”
“more than half of California’s wireless 911 calls are delivered without caller location information”
“accuracy of wireless calls to 911 decreased sharply between 2008 and 2013, particularly in densely populated areas”
“Existing GPS technology can be blocked or impeded by walls and ceilings when you’re indoors and by structures that block lines of sight to satellites when you’re outdoors”
“Modern GPS technology also does not indicate how far above the ground the phone is”



Machine learning and data science can make a complex device easier to use

August 30, 2014

“Up popped an alert when an employee installed Tor, software that enables online anonymity, which is sometimes used by cybercriminals to mask their whereabouts. Had the same user’s device made another suspicious move — like scanning the network for an administrator’s account and then trying to guess at her password by trying to log in multiple times — (this new security) tool would highlight the employee’s computer and inform a security officer that the employee was a threat with a high degree of certainty. Had the odd behavior stopped at Tor, it would have also been flagged, but not been perceived as an immediate threat”
“a security solution (must) provide enough credible intelligence to investigate thoroughly, so we’re not bogged down with false positives and unnecessary work”
“(this new security) tool uses machine learning and data science to listen, think and anticipate an attacker’s next move. It learns the typical traffic patterns and behaviors on a network, then remembers and correlates any abnormal behavior it has seen over days, weeks or months.”
“An employee who inadvertently clicked on an ad and installed tracking software would be flagged as a low priority and remediation issue, whereas an infected device that was being used to pull data out of the network would pop up as a high-threat priority.”
“If a complex device like the iPhone can be made easier to use, why can’t you extend that to a security product?”


provocation, dramatization, aesthetic Vs Pornography

August 13, 2014

we immediately see the difference (between the photographic work of Mapplethorpe) and genuine pornography. Pornography is characterized by the lack of formatting; it is intended for sexual arousal. Contrarily, Mapplethorpe is aesthetic. Sexual arousal seems to be less his goal than, perhaps, provocation, and in any case, dramatization.


Mapplethorpe - Thomas - 1987

(march 2014) the sudden disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing has only six days

August 12, 2014

This disappearance opens the door to the wildest speculation.

With its 239 occupants, which we are absolutely without any news, the loss of flight MH370 feeds indeed all the rumors and all the fantasies
… From the most sophisticated attempts to explain, that summarizes the magazine SLATE: kidnapping by North Korean; landing in a remote corner of Vietnam; suicide driver
… Until the craziest: the time warp theory.

According to NATURAL NEWS, there would be a teleport gate in heaven through which the plane would have flown and would have been accidentally teleported elsewhere.
This does not, however, prevent other fantasies as a possible testing of military weapons or ripples in space-time resembling those of the Bermuda Triangle.

Unless the unfortunate passengers have been collected by the people of Atlantis, questions the TIME in Switzerland.

And indeed, according to a shaman quoted by the Malaysian NEW STRAITS TIMES, the plane was actually hijacked by elves and is currently suspended in midair. This is basically the theory defended by a British secret society for which the Boeing has fallen into a black hole or in a parallel dimension and was currently flying to Long Island prehistoric times.


vitamin D: how much sun?

August 11, 2014

vitamin D how much sun - new scientist - aug 2014

source: New scientist 2014

a clear frontier to survive in dangerous situations

August 11, 2014

“there is a clear frontier in the brain between the area that encodes information about what is immediately before the eyes and the area that encodes the abstract representations that are the product of our short-term memory or imagination”

“while one area in the brain processes information about what we are currently seeing, an area right beside it stores the information in short-term memory”

“Most of the time, when you look at the function of different brain areas, there is more of a transitional zone, more grey and not such a clear border between black and white. I think the evolutionary reason for this clear frontier is that it helped us to survive in dangerous situations”

“what is most important (now) is to try and relate this discovery to schizophrenia and other diseases that involve hallucinations”


Apollonian will Vs Dionysian impulses

August 10, 2014

the artist has to curb his feelings. This requirement excludes the daily joys of normal people, but is the sine qua non condition of a perfect art. this Apollonian will will not always resist the Dionysian impulses.

Source: a comment to Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice