(march 2014) the sudden disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing has only six days

This disappearance opens the door to the wildest speculation.

With its 239 occupants, which we are absolutely without any news, the loss of flight MH370 feeds indeed all the rumors and all the fantasies
… From the most sophisticated attempts to explain, that summarizes the magazine SLATE: kidnapping by North Korean; landing in a remote corner of Vietnam; suicide driver
… Until the craziest: the time warp theory.

According to NATURAL NEWS, there would be a teleport gate in heaven through which the plane would have flown and would have been accidentally teleported elsewhere.
This does not, however, prevent other fantasies as a possible testing of military weapons or ripples in space-time resembling those of the Bermuda Triangle.

Unless the unfortunate passengers have been collected by the people of Atlantis, questions the TIME in Switzerland.

And indeed, according to a shaman quoted by the Malaysian NEW STRAITS TIMES, the plane was actually hijacked by elves and is currently suspended in midair. This is basically the theory defended by a British secret society for which the Boeing has fallen into a black hole or in a parallel dimension and was currently flying to Long Island prehistoric times.

Source: http://www.franceculture.fr/emission-revue-de-presse-internationale-lost-ou-la-nouvelle-saison-des-disparus-2014-03-14

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