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From dance to performance

October 11, 2014

Performance  = scenic hybrid forms, not reducible to stable and consistent disciplinary categories and puting into play a singular perturbation of the audience ‘s perceptual habits.

Trying to understand the difference between shows the program named “dance” and those labeled “performance” :

in the latter, there is not a lot of dancing and the following question mainly arises : what is a show and what is a spectator?

Paris opera: the legacy that clutters choreography is exceptionally heavy, in terms of maintenance of hierarchical constraints, mono disciplinary  autism, technocratic and virtuosity precedences, obstinacy in the renewal of idealistic and sclerotic models of representation.




Quantum computing: the majorana fermion could be the solution

October 2, 2014

Majorana fermion: the only particle in existence that can adopt both matter and antimatter characteristics simultaneously without annihilating itself in the process

Normally when particles of matter come into contact with their antimatter counterparts, the result is an intense explosion of energy

So, a particle that can take on matter and antimatter properties simultaneously would, one might think, be incredibly unstable

Quantum computers will transmit data through quantum bits, called qbits

qbits will take on a quantum state that allows them to be both a one and zero simultaneously

the Majorana fermion could be the solution