.wine and Donuts

(june 2014)

ICANN decided to open a new area dedicated to the wine: .wine or .vin.

To get these digital territories and then be able to sell domain names under .vin (i.e. bordeaux.vin, champagne.vin, etc.), one  required to file an application to ICANN.

However, no French or European wines and spirits actor has filed a case.

Consequence: .wine and .vin domain management could be attributed to companies that have nothing to do with this sector.

Only one company candidated for the .vin domain: a US company specialized in domain names management, which, ironically, is called Donuts.

Curiously, we observe that the digital domain dedicated to wine, this precious drink, is managed by a company having the name of a typical American greasy and junk food.

But, even worse, no privileged access to the domain name would be guaranteed to AOC wine (for “controlled designation of origin”, a French certification) producers.

ICANN goes forward with its own logic (selling new extensions). Into this model, there is no soil, an area lies into a root server, a domain has a name, but no castle, no vineyards, no tanks. The risk, for the one who pays no attention to this model, is to be wiped off the map of the digital world.

Source: http://www.franceculture.fr/emission-ce-qui-nous-arrive-sur-la-toile-noms-de-domaines-mais-pas-viticoles-2014-06-23

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