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Illegal dancing under military occupation in France

December 14, 2014

Illegal dances under military occupation in France (1940-1945):

Dances were banned and repressed by the French authorities from 1940 to 1945. But they have remained in secret for most of this period.
The dancers were braving German patrols, by moonlight, were walking through the wet loans, to abandoned quarries, isolated barns or empty houses. The dances stood in these places. away from crowded places.

At the dance, beverages or foodstuffs were distributed. To collect the money for these goods, the musician was begging amongst the audience: the famousround of the hat”.

In general, however, the dancers were neither interviewed nor bothered, because only the organizers and musicians were incuring penalties.

As the dancers were dispersing without incident, the police did not worry about.

Sometimes, however, the French police investigated and interrogated the alleged offenders or witnesses, usually at their home.

Some dancers were also caught when the French police, attracted by the sound of an accordion, or appropriately informed, surprised them.