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From dance to performance

October 11, 2014

Performance  = scenic hybrid forms, not reducible to stable and consistent disciplinary categories and puting into play a singular perturbation of the audience ‘s perceptual habits.

Trying to understand the difference between shows the program named “dance” and those labeled “performance” :

in the latter, there is not a lot of dancing and the following question mainly arises : what is a show and what is a spectator?

Paris opera: the legacy that clutters choreography is exceptionally heavy, in terms of maintenance of hierarchical constraints, mono disciplinary  autism, technocratic and virtuosity precedences, obstinacy in the renewal of idealistic and sclerotic models of representation.




provocation, dramatization, aesthetic Vs Pornography

August 13, 2014

we immediately see the difference (between the photographic work of Mapplethorpe) and genuine pornography. Pornography is characterized by the lack of formatting; it is intended for sexual arousal. Contrarily, Mapplethorpe is aesthetic. Sexual arousal seems to be less his goal than, perhaps, provocation, and in any case, dramatization.


Mapplethorpe - Thomas - 1987

Apollonian will Vs Dionysian impulses

August 10, 2014

the artist has to curb his feelings. This requirement excludes the daily joys of normal people, but is the sine qua non condition of a perfect art. this Apollonian will will not always resist the Dionysian impulses.

Source: a comment to Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice

Broadway. This is the end.

January 27, 2014

The owners of the Roseland Ballroom in New York, that hosted stars like Fred Astaire or Madonna announced, Tuesday, Oct. 22, they would close its doors late April 2014. The ballroom, which can accommodate 3,500 people on 52nd Street, just steps from Broadway, opened in 1919.

This closure rings as a sign of the displacement and the collapse of the creative heart of the musicals away from its original birthplace.

As a matter of fact, the cult novel of a generation, American Psycho, will soon be played and sang on a London stage.

In American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis imagine the life of a 26 years golden boy, Patrick Bateman. Banker in the 1980s, the young man is handsome, rich, intelligent. He frequents the trendiest restaurants and nightclubs . Like all his friends, he likes to take cocaine occasionally. But under his look of an ideal son, he is a schizophrenic serial killer. He rips, slaughters, recesses, violates his victims in his luxury Manhattan apartment.

An American in Paris, mounted as a musical, will be given its world premiere at the Châtelet in Paris, then it will move to Broadway.

At the Châtelet, musicals are carried by large orchestras, opera singers and great actors. Broadway works with singing actors and the partitions are re-orchestrated to limit to ten the number of musicians in the pit. In the United States, the Châtelet is considered as one of the first theaters in the world.


the fear of death, once more. We absolutely can not get out

December 6, 2013

pop stars are really fascinated by contemporary art

Jay Z gave a performance with Marina Abramovic

Lady Gaga’s album cover is signed by Jeff Koons. She has also worked with Robert Wilson.

the usual course of media visibility means artists leave the underground to gradually win the heart of the mainstream,

Lady Gaga, Jay- Z and others are going the opposite way.

Doing so, they may lose some of their fans.

they complicate their message and their music by the way, and withdraw to pop music its first criterion: the simplicity , sacrificing their commercial success on the altar of a sometimes misty artistic vision.

But, in our times of dematerialized music, their willingness to “become art” or to “create masterpieces” expresses their need to enter history, and to leave behind them a lasting cultural heritage.

The fear of death, once more. We absolutely can not get out



How a letter signed by the President is used to sell fake paintings

December 1, 2013

A minor painter called Ahmin has been sentenced to 2 years in prison after judgment by the Paris Criminal Court.

At 60, Ahmin is not the great artist he dreamed of being .

To sell his paintings, he have then an idea: pretend they are signed Jacques Villeret (a famous French comical actor). He is also convinced to be the actor’s half-brother.

But it turned out that no legal relationship with the actor has been established, and that the actor, died in 2005, has never held a paintbrush in her life.

But the buyers of Ahmin’s paintings ignored these minutiae .

For a year, forty paintings by Ahmin but signed “JV” will find a buyer for about 500 € each .

The range of means the scammer used to convince the buyer is vast : false inheritance judgment, fake certificates, wacky testimonials.

Among them, a SMS texting allegedly written by Jean- Louis Debré, President of the French Constitutional Council, guaranteeing the authenticity of the paintings.

The usurper will even send a canvas at the Elysee Palace (the French President’s residence), receiving ten days later a letter of thanks signed by the hand of Nicolas Sarkozy.


Saint-Denis’ head as an allegory for a computer

October 8, 2013

Saint-Denis is the most famous cephalophore (i.e. a martyr saint who is depicted carrying his own head).

In the third century, Saint-Denis was Bishop of Paris. He was martyred in connection with the Decian (from Decius, a Roman emperor) persecution of Christians, shortly after 250 AD.

After his head was chopped off, Denis is said to have picked it up and walked ten kilometres (six miles), preaching a sermon the entire way.

He walked to the place of his burial.

Besides the severed head, Saint Denis is recognizable by his attributes: the miter and the chains.

At the left Portal of the facade of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris stands a statue of Saint Denis .

Leon Bonnat painting at the Pantheon in Paris (The martyrdom of Saint-Denis) is evoked by Michel Serres in a section of his book Hominescence to support his use of the figure of the saint holding his head, as an allegory refering to Serres’ contemporary fellow who often placed, next to him, a head to which has been delegated the burden of memory and computation (the computer),  so that the subject himself, released, can indulge in a new creative work.

Source: Wikipedia