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Hydrogen energy storage: a 490,000 euros compensation to AREVA

January 10, 2015
La Croix Valmer (a town of the Var department, France) will not exploit his renewable energy storage system.
The public procurement was awarded to AREVA to develop this project.
The agreement is about to be broken because it is not consistent with the financial capacity of the municipality.
In 2012, the town tasked AREVA with the development of a system storing electricity in the form of hydrogen.
Coupled with photovoltaic panels whose production is intermittent, the installation would have allowed several municipal buildings to become energetically self-sufficient and not to suffer the regular failures of the electric network in the Region.
The initial investment was 1,200,000 euros.
It was to be covered at eighty percent by subsidies.
But the new majority has found several hidden costs:
A management software 80,000 , maintenance costs of 54 000 per year, the salary of two monitoring technicians imposed by the national security commission € 60,000 per year.
At that price, it became impossible to commit as the technology is still under development.
AREVA has spent a good part of the expenditure: € 960,000.
The town will have to compensate.
Moreover, without implementation, the subsidies will not fall.
After several months of negotiations, the town wil pay 490,000 euros to AREVA.

Source: Technicité, December 2014